Delicious and Healthy Food in Wirral's Warm Family Environment


Rokka Cafe & SteakHouse

Rokka is a restaurant in the Wirral town of Bromborough, known for its warm family atmosphere and delicious food

In 2022, Rokka won the award for Wirral’s Best Steakhouse Restaurant and was later voted Wirral’s 3rd Best Restaurant.


Rokka's Menu

It offers both tasty and healthy dishes prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The restaurant’s specialties include Angus beef, roast beef and grilled chicken. Rokka’s extensive menu also has something for every palate.

Why Rokka

The Reason Why Rokka Is Preferred

Rokka’s warm family atmosphere makes the restaurant even more special. The restaurant’s staff is friendly and hospitable. Rokka is an ideal place for both family dinners and special celebrations.

Rokka is one of Wirral's most popular restaurants with its warm family atmosphere and delicious food, where people of all ages can easily spend time.